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Speed dating offers a fun and safe alternative to the singles bar scene. There is the advantage of meeting face to face and even though there is a limited time to converse, usually there is enough time to determine if there is a spark and decide if you would like a further date. You avoid nightmare 2-3-hour blind dates, expensive dinners and lunches with people where there is no chemistry.


Aish HaTorah, an international Jewish educational network, created SpeedDating and owns the service mark SpeedDating. Speed dating was originally started as a way of keeping Jewish singles from marrying outside their faith. The Speed Dating movement expanded out of the Jewish community and is now recognized in secular communities around the world.

Check in with the Simply The Best Speed Dating coordinator who will give you a name badge with an assigned table number. We ask everyone to arrive early to mingle and enjoy cocktails, as well as complimentary appetizers that are provided at most events by Simply The Best Singles. Cocktails and/or beverages are not included in the price of admission to Speed Dating events.


Simply The Best Singles arranges each Speed Dating event with an equal number of single men and women. If you are late in arriving, you could rob both yourself and other attendees a chance at meeting. It is very important to be on time. Simply The Best Singles asks that each Speed Dating participant show up early to enjoy complimentary appetizers (if available) and a cocktail before the seating begins.

Each Speed Dating single will be asked to sit at the table with the same number as the number you were assigned upon check in. For example, if you were assigned number 8, you would begin by sitting at table number 8. The Simply The Best Speed Dating coordinator will then explain to you that each time a bell is rung, men will move to the next table to meet the next woman (on some events, the woman will move and the man will stay seated). Each encounter will last approximately three to five minutes.


Spending 3 to 5 minutes with each person is a great way to see if you are interested in a full date. It gives you a chance to actually ”see” them and determine if there is physical chemistry, plus spending 3 to 5 minutes with someone is usually enough time to decide if you want to get to know them better.

Simply The Best Singles asks that each person move to the next table as soon as the bell is rung.  If you stay and linger, you take away time from the man/woman behind you.  We strive to give each person the same amount of time to meet the opposite sex.

Simply The Best Singles has a minimum of eight singles of the opposite sex and a maximum of fifteen. We always book an equal number of men and women at each event with our policy of NEVER having more than 2 of one sex or the other over the equal number of genders. If this happens, it is due to 1) a no-show or 2) a cancellation at the last minute.


Simply The Best Singles has speed dating events for certain age categories of the singles attending. We will permit singles to attend who are outside the age range by a few years. Since Simply The Best Singles does not ask for verification of age, we respectfully ask that all attendees sign up in their age category or outside of the age range by only a few years. This is only fair to those who attend expecting to find singles within or close to the stated age range. Simply The Best Singles schedules events to cover all ages. Occasionally we will schedule an ”Older Men/Younger Women” event as well as an ”Older Women/Younger Men” event.


Simply The Best Singles does not allow shorts, cutoffs, workout outfits, sweat outfits or tank tops. We suggest you wear upscale casual clothes. Some people dress to impress. The important thing is to keep in mind this will be your first encounter with a potential date. At most Simply The Best Speed Dating events, both the women and men always respond more favorably to someone who is dressed nicely.


If you marked ”yes” on your tally sheet after meeting a certain person, and that person marked ”yes” for you, then this is a match. The tally sheets are carefully reviewed after the event by the Simply The Best Speed Dating coordinator who emails the results the next day to each Speed Dating participant. It is then up to the ”matching” singles to make contact with each other.


Simply The Best Singles sends via email only the information that each Speed Dating participant gives permission to release. Usually, most Speed Dating singles give out only their email addresses, but if you want your phone number also, or just your phone number, it is entirely up to you and Simply The Best Singles will abide by your request.


Simply The Best Singles sends you the contact info for everyone who marked you as a match, whether or not you marked them. Mutual contact info is only sent to mutual matches. So if you marked a match for someone and that person did not mark you, we would let that person know you marked them and would send your contact info, but we would not send you that person’s contact info. We do this in case a person changes their mind and wants to make contact realizing the other person is interested.


In order to create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable evening for everyone, please do not ask anyone for their contact information, another date, or ask sexually explicit questions, use lewd language or say anything that might be interpreted as threatening or as sexual harassment. If you meet someone you would like to date, you may inform them you will be marking yes on your tally sheet, but do not pressure them to put your name on their sheet. Simply The Best Singles requests that you be polite and respectful keeping in mind the format and purpose of the Speed Dating concept.


Simply The Best Singles asks that each Speed Dating participant arrive ten to fifteen minutes early. The actual seating lasts for approximately one hour to one and half hours. Total time spent away from home will vary from 1½ hours to 2 hours. It depends on the number of Speed Dating participants.


For transaction security, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology from PayPal Credit Card Processing Service. Simply The Best Singles does not receive credit card information if you conduct business online. Simply The Best Singles can take your credit card payment over the telephone or in person at our events, however we never share or sell personal contact information.


Simply The Best Singles chooses upscale venues with good acoustics and convenient parking. We seat attendees so no one is sitting too close to those at nearby tables to ensure a sense of privacy. Employees of Simply The Best Singles are professional in all aspects with an expressed caring about you and your Speed Dating experience. We put ourselves in your place to make sure you have a good time. We invite you to check out our events and experience “Speed Dating at its Finest.”



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